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Spelling Bug:

2nd Grade Words

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You can select one of our spelling levels or add your own words.


One homework chore Eliminated!


With Spelling Bug you can practice spelling with 100s of levels of teacher selected lists And add your own homework words.


This app is packed with four games and impressive features such as its ability to adapt to each individual's skills level. It utilizes word bouma shapes, a trusted technique often used by teachers.

It has an easy to use option to add custom words and to record words in your own voice.

You can even record new voice overs for existing words. This feature is essential for regions where a strong accent is used.

Colorful Interactive lessons keep children learning for hours of fun


To make sure the little ones are having fun while learning, this educational tool is disguised as cute, simple games. In a colorful and sunny bug world, where the firefly rules and spelling bees are happily working away, there are caterpillars that brew up their own agenda. It is your job to sort the words by matching pairs and spying on the caterpillars while they flash words to cover with silk. You can look in on Spelling Bee and see how well you spell. Fly with Firebug through different colorful worlds while dodging enemies by tilting your device. See if you can find all the words, but always watch out for the caterpillars, they will cover you in their silk if they catch you!

Exceptional Value

Spelling Bug comes with 4 games utilizing 36 lists of 10 words each, which translates into hundreds of levels for you to play.

To help children maximize their learning, each list features words that contain the same group of letters that sound similar (e.g., “one”, “none”, “gone”, “done”). The best way to teach spelling is through phonics. This app uses phonics in all it's lessons.

The real bonus is that it allows you to create your own lists, so you can input the words you want your kids to learn and practice.

Spelling Bug uses the new advances in apps to match an individual child´s skills.


I will definately use this for my students. I appreciate the fact that everybody can add their homeword words and enjoy their spelling lists.


Mrs. Barbara Russ - Chihuahua Missionary School

This is so cool! I like all the worlds and levels.


Josey (aged 7) -  San Diego, California.

You can select one of our spelling levels or add your own words.




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