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Educational app designed for grade 2 kids to improve their writing and spelling skills. By using phonics word lists and the fabulous option to add custom words; children learn spelling concepts quickly and easily. This app is packed with four games and impressive features such as its ability to adapt to each individual's skills level. It utilizes word bouma shapes, a trusted technique often used by teachers.


To make sure the little ones are having fun while learning, this educational tool is disguised as cute, simple games. In a colorful and sunny bug world, where the firefly rules and spelling bees are happily working away, there are caterpillars that brew up their own agenda. It is your job to sort the words by matching pairs and spying on the caterpillars while they flash words to cover with silk.



You can look in on Spelling Bee and see how well you spell. Fly with Firebug through different colorful worlds while dodging enemies by tilting your device. See if you can find all the words, but always watch out for the caterpillars, they will cover you in their silk if they catch you!


Spelling Bug comes with 4 games utilizing 36 lists of 10 words each, which translates into hundreds of levels for you to play. And to help children maximize their learning, each list features words that contain the same group of letters that sound similar (e.g., “one”, “none”, “gone”, “done”). The real bonus is that it allows you to create your own lists, so you can input the words you want your kids to learn and practice.




Spelling Bug: 2nd Grade Phonics app improves spelling - fast!


“4 fun games for spelling practice for 2nd grade. There are 36 levels in each game and 100s of curriculum based words. PLUS you can add your own words and voice. Share your progress with your grownups in the results tab.”











Watch Spelling Bug 2nd Grade Phonics in action!


Young learners get to improve their spelling fast and learn lots of new words and sounds as well as introducing them to the Caterpillars, Spelling Bees & little Firebug that live in the forest in Spelling Bug: 2nd Grade Phonics - now available for Android.


The app looks amazing with cute cartoon graphics but don’t be fooled, Spelling Bug: 2nd Grade Phonics was designed and produced with specialized teachers to help any young learner improve their spelling, fast. The app has four different games to play featuring different creatures and tasks and allows users to match the words being learned to the ability and level of the learner´s skill.




Parents can add their own spelling lists or add their own voice to spell out custom words so it can be truly customized individually. The preloaded word lists have been selected and grouped to represent the most common spelling lists found in schools but users can add their own words to all four games.


Spelling Bug: 2nd Grade Phonics has 36 lists in each game with 10 words each so there are hundreds of levels and combinations for a child to work through to maximize their learning and spelling opportunities. They will fall in love with the cute cartoon insects in the game and help them overcome their challenges while learning more words and sounds and overcoming their own spelling obstacles!


Spelling Bug: 2nd Grade Phonics is available to download in a free lite version from the Google Play Store today. The app runs on any device running Android version 2.2 and above. The lite version contains three introductory levels which can be played continuously but the full version has to be purchased to unlock all the gameplay and learning on offer.


Download Spelling Bug: 2nd Grade Phonics today and begin a lifelong spelling journey for your young learner!




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Spelling Bug 2nd Grade Phonics


ACE Edutainment Apps



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$3.99 US dollars or equivalent in other countries


Lite Version

First 3 levels without custom words


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2nd grade, primary school



Language & reading



Spelling, Reading, Writing

You can select one of our spelling levels or add your own. You can even add your own voice recordings! You can select one of our spelling levels or add your own words.

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Charine Gey Van Pittius


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We understand that some kids need a little help when it comes to spelling and others need more stimulation because they are ahead of their classmates. Our apps adapt to kids´ skill levels. You and your child will have fun following kid friendly progress graphs and graphics in each app. We work with kids every day. App building is absolutely the best way for us to bring our lessons in an enjoyable way!






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