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Sight Words Phonics Bug teaches the most frequently used words for Kindergarten to Second Grade in an easy to play game. Custom add your own words and voice to make this app a handy homework helper.


"Logical and effective. I wish I had aids like this, I'm certain my grades would have been a lot better."


 In a colorful and sunny bug world, filled with flies, a hungry spider, and an angry dragonfly, your only job is to catch the tiny insects by tapping them. Each little winged insect comes out of a tree log, carrying a letter block, and more than once, you’ll spot them pairing up in an effort to carry a group of letters.


The aim of the game is to tap all the flies so that you spell the word displayed at the bottom of your screen. Once you’ve completed the word, a purple spider will collect all the flies and give you the points before you move on to the next word on the list. Once you’ve completed spelling all the words, you can advance to the next level with a new set of words for you to learn.



Sight Words Phonics Bug really does what it says and it is definitely a valuable tool that will help kids achieve reading fluency and improve their spelling skills.


The simple gameplay is just what this app needs to keep the little ones focused on what’s important rather than wasting their time trying to figure out complicated controls or understanding hazy game mechanics.


Sight Words Phonics Bug is available to download in a free lite version from the Google Play Store today. The app runs on any device running Android version 2.2 and above. The lite version contains three introductory levels which can be played continuously but the full version has to be purchased to unlock all the gameplay and learning on offer.


Download Sight Words Phonics Bug today and begin a life-long spelling journey for your young learner!


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Spelling Bug: Grade Phonics was created by  Ace Entertainment Apps. For more information contact or visit


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Sight Words Phonics Bug


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ACE Edutainment Apps



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$1.99 US dollars or equivalent in other countries


Lite Version

First 3 levels without custom words


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K, 1st grade, 2nd grade, primary school



Language & reading



Spelling, Reading, Writing

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Charine Gey Van Pittius


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ACE Edutainment Apps





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Ace Edutainment Apps are made by teachers! We understand that not all kids learn in the same way but we know that all kids like to play! Our Phonics Applications are carefully made to expand and enhance what your child learns in school. Word lists are carefully woven into engaging gameplay apps that give your child hours of meaningful fun.


We understand that some kids need a little help when it comes to spelling and others need more stimulation because they are ahead of their classmates. Our apps adapt to kids´ skill levels. You and your child will have fun following kid friendly progress graphs and graphics in each app. We work with kids every day. App building is absolutely the best way for us to bring our lessons in an enjoyable way!






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