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             Tillywig Award Winner 2015

This app contains four interactive games - word memory game, flash cards, shape game (words contained in shapes), and spelling bee - that build and reinforce spelling and word skills in a fun, easy to navigate format. There are dozens of word lists within each game and the app adapts to the child's skill level, stimulating ongoing growth and a sense of confidence. The lists have been selected to reflect those most often used in schools. However, the app allows kids to add their own words (and record their voice saying them), which are then incorporated into the games, an invaluable tool to support whatever the child is currently working on at school. One-click progress reports allow kids and parents to instantly review accomplishments and see areas where they may wish to increase focus. The games, with their playful insect animations, are engaging yet refreshingly straightforward, allowing kids to learn and progress quickly while enjoying themselves every step of the way.




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ACE Edutainment Apps Inc. is the newest participant of the Moms with Apps Know What’s Inside® program, a part of ACT | The App Association. This program is dedicated to helping family-friendly app developers implement best practices around privacy and comply with new privacy rules including the new COPPA rules that took effect July 1st.  The program provides developers with guidance on best practices, but requires each developer to implement those best practices in order to display the Know What’s Inside® seal on their apps. ACE Edutainment Apps Inc. is also the newest member of the ACT | The App Association and Moms with Apps. Ace Edutainment Apps are made by teachers. "We understand that not all kids learn in the same way but we know that all kids like to play!", says founder, Charine Gey Van Pittius, Educational Specialist (Ed.S) and C.E.O. of ACE Edutainment Apps.   




Sight Words: Phonics Bug is now included in Google Play for Education!

Watch Sight Words Phonics Bug in action!

December 11, 2014 -  We are proud to announce that

Sight Words: Phonics Bug has been accepted in the exclusive Google Play for Education section!


Differences between Google Play and Google Play for Education

The differences between Google Play and Google Play for Education is that Google Play is a platform where any developer can place their new games on. With Google Play for Education, a game is handpicked by Google to be added onto the list. Games on this platform are highly recommended and have served, and continue serving as a great means for educational purposes.


 In a colorful and sunny bug world, filled with flies, a hungry spider, and an angry dragonfly, your only job is to catch the tiny insects by tapping them. Each little winged insect comes out of a tree log, carrying a letter block, and more than once, you’ll spot them pairing up in an effort to carry a group of letters. The aim of the game is to tap all the flies so that you spell the word displayed at the bottom of your screen. Once you’ve completed the word, a purple spider will collect all the flies and give you the points before you move on to the next word on the list. Once you’ve completed spelling all the words, you can advance to the next level with a new set of words for you to learn.


Sight Words Phonics Bug really does what it says and it is definitely a valuable tool that will help kids achieve reading fluency and improve their spelling skills.


The simple gameplay is just what this app needs to keep the little ones focused on what’s important rather than wasting their time trying to figure out complicated controls or understanding hazy game mechanics.




Made by teachers, Loved by kids!


ACE Edutainment Apps dramatically improve spelling grades. Our home and school program is highly recommended by schools, remedial teachers and parents.


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