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Because every child should be equipped to excel

Spelling Bug let´s you add your own words
The Phonics way of  teaching spelling is sometimes also refered to as word families
Word shapes help kids remember how to spell words better. This visual learning style benifit kids with DYSLEXIA even greater
Spelling Bug target each kids skills level so that games are never to hard or to easy




Made by teachers, Loved by kids!


ACE Edutainment Apps dramatically improve spelling grades. Our home and school program is highly recommended by schools, remedial teachers and parents.


 Use the technology kids love to teach spelling with our apps on tabs, pads and smart phones.


Our Apps do not contain any advertisements.


Our LITE apps are completely free and app store listings will tell you exactly  what to expect.


Paid apps are charged for once, when you purchase them from the app store.


Your child will never be asked for in app purchases


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