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ACE Edutainment Apps dramatically improve spelling grades. Our home and school program is highly recommended by schools, remedial teachers and parents.


If a child didn't benefit from what was offered at school, some alternative method must work. Our alternative program is the solution to help children spell better.


Repeating teaching methods that failed for specific children in the past will not render different results a second time around. Doing this would only frustrate and bore students. I've seen too many frustrated children sitting at a school desk, drifting off to a world of their own. Often these children lost confidence in their own abilities and a destructive cycle of failing starts.


Phonetic spelling is the answer. Word families make sense. A bright young boy called Kristin, had trouble with making sense of seemingly unpredictable spelling rules. He always wanted to spell “won, two, three...” and “nun” instead of “none”, until he met the following word family: “one, none, gone, done”


A renowned educator- Mr. Dolch compiled a list of the most frequently used words in American schools. Today educators realize that by teaching these words first, children read and write more effectively. It is especially useful for struggling spellers to learn these words off by heart and ‘catch up’ to their class mates



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